The Clearity Foundation is in Production with Colabrativ’s Clinical Entry and Operations

We are pleased to announce that The Clearity Foundation has moved into production with Colabrativ’s Clinical Entry and Operations (Cleo) enterprise application. The Clearity Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to “improving treatment options for ovarian cancer patients.” In early October, Clearity licensed Cleo from Colabrativ, Inc.

Cleo is the result of a close collaboration between Clearity and Colabrativ. The project was under the direction of Dr. Deborah Zajchowski, The Clearity Foundation’s Scientific Director. The goal of the project was to move Clearity’s operations from Microsoft’s Access to an enterprise system. The project has two phases. The first phase was to migrate patient, physician, specimen data and test results from Access to Cleo. As of today, this has been accomplished. In the second phase we will be migrating patient medical histories from Access to Cleo.

Analysis of a patient’s test results is performed by a third party application on a second server. The Clearity staff use Cleo to initialize analysis requests and archive data that was sent for analysis. Cleo sends the patient information to the analysis server in a de-identified form (removal of information from the data that could be used to identify an individual). The analysis is then compiled by the Clearity staff into a report that is sent to the patient and their physician. The report highlights clinical treatment options based on the patient’s tumor molecular profile that is generated from the test results.

If you are interested in learning more about Cleo, please contact us at Colabrativ, Inc.

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