Advantages of Colabrativ’s Electronic Notebook / ELN

  • Better project management and team involvement through shared experimental information.
  • Electronic notebooks (ELN) have rapid returns on investment.
  • Increased Research and Development efficiency:
    • Better information organization
    • Faster information retrieval
    • Removal of time consuming instrument-to-paper conversion
    • Captured information is shared and available to introduce into new experiments, without having to be re-entered.
  • Flexible web-deployment allows you access to your experiments from virtually anywhere. You can set it up on your servers behind your firewall, or we can set it up on your own cloud server.
  • Detailed permission controls allow you to control who sees what and when, enabling your collaborators to enter their experiments directly, or your customers to view only the work you perform for them.
  • Collaborations between multiple institutions are possible.

For a quick look at iExperiment, we recommend that you take a look at our “Tour of iExperiment” video.

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