Upgraded Permission System in Clinical Entry and Operations, Version 3

Colabrativ, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Clinical Entry and Operations (Cleo), Version 3 has been released with a new permission system. The new permission system gives the Cleo administrator finer control of what staff members can and cannot access in the Cleo suite of applications. The new system replaces Tomcat’s Application Access that was used in Cleo versions 1 and 2.

Permission System Advantages

The integration of the new permission system into Cleo allows us to:

  1. Know who is logged into the application.
  2. Know what requests users have made to the application, and provides a log of those requests.
  3. Check that staff members have permission to view, add, change and/or update information in the database.
  4. Create permissions that meet the needs of the organization using Cleo.

Permission System Roll-out

The permission system is being rolled out in phases.

  • The first phase involved implementing the permission system in the administrative application admin, implementing the creation and control of staff member accounts and their permissions, and creating a reset password application to allow users to reset their passwords.
  • In the second phase, the permission system was implemented in the Explore application. Each request by a staff member is checked by the permission system.
  • In the third phase, the permission system will be implemented in the Operations application. Finer control of staff member permissions will be available to Cleo’s administrators.
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