Record Navigation in iExperiment

The video below demonstrates of the record navigation features in our enterprise electronic notebook (ELN)  iExperiment.

Three operations can be performed in the navigation tree:

  1. The record section names in the navigation tree are linked to corresponding sections in the record.  By clicking on a link, you move to the selected section in the record.
  2. Every sections in a record has a display check-boxes in the navigation tree that controls the display of the section.   Remember, that browser print what is displayed.
  3. Experiment Records in our enterprise electronic notebook are hierarkical the navigation parent sections can be expanded to show their children (subsections) in the navigation tree.

In records that can be edited the navigation tree is used to add new section to an experiment record in our electronic notebook, iExperiment.

For more information or a live demonstration contact us at Colabrativ, Inc.

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