Products and Services

Products: iExperiment
iExperiment is an enterprise experiment documentation system, commonly referred to as an electronic notebook or ELN, built on Web 2.0 technology.
Experiments are present in an easy-to-read and navigate research record format.
Information is annotated as it is entered, allowing sophisticated search of your experiment records.
Detailed permission controls allow you to control who sees what and when.
Completed experiments are digitally signed and sent to your Long Term Archive.
Deployment/Requirements: There are many ways in which iExperiment can be deployed. The two most common are on your servers behind your firewall or on a cloud server.

On Your Server: We will work with you to setup iExperiment on your servers.
Cloud Server: We will setup and then turn over control of a cloud server to you or to the managed hosting service of your choice. There are many managed hosting services available, we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. We recommend using a managed hosting service with a SAS No. 70 Type II Compliance Certification.
Requirements: Tomcat 6, Apache and MySQL 5.0 or higher.
Colocation of the search server.
Evaluations: Evaluate iExperiment for free for two months, for an unlimited number of users! Extensions to the evaluation period are granted, if we are in the process of signing a license agreement.
Services: Customer Support
On-site training for researchers and administrators is provided during initial installation of iExperiment.
Subsequent on-site training and custom integration services are available.
Video training is available through this site.
Customer Integration Development
Productivity gains from implementing iExperiment can be extended with integration into your instrumentation software and existing databases.
We provide custom software services to help you accomplish this integration seamlessly.
Research Information Consulting
Having trouble problem finding the time to evaluate your research information management and storage needs, due to the ever present looming deadlines? If so, let us help!
We will examine your current information management practices through a series of interviews with your staff and managers, looking for opportunities to improve information work flow, and the security of your information.
Compliance issues can bring down any effort to improve your productivity or security, thus we will identify and discuss with your staff and managers our recommendations, and assess their willingness, or address perceived obstacles, to implementing each recommendations.
Finally, we will place each recommendation on a “Voice of the Consumer” chart, ranking each by its potential impact on productivity / organization importance and cost of implementation / organization readiness.

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