Colabrativ’s Support of the R&D Community

Logo for a public electronic notebook repository of experiment records.

  is a public repository of experiment records supported by Colabrativ, Inc. There are very few places on the World Wide Web where you can find detailed examples of experiments. was created to meet this need. Colabrativ’s iExperiment enterprise experiment documentation system is also used by This formal alignment allows a completed experiment to be published to the web. You not only can examine the material details in the experiment record, but also the results. You can download the complete experiment record including all of its figures and attachments.

The experiment records can have multiple authors from multiple organizations, allowing collaborative public research to be documented on asks that you make the experiment record public once it has been completed.

iExperiment Schema:

iExperiment’s experiment record bundles contain an XML file containing the majority of the structured information, an XSLT file for formatting the XML, and an Attachments folder that holds the figures and attachments of the experiment record. The iExperiment XML schema documentation is coming soon to

Future Plans:

Forum: A forum is planned for to allow researcher to discuss experiments that are posted.


Data Type Semantics: iExperiment uses structured data types to define the data type of each cell in a list or table. We plan to build an interface create, annotate, and explore data types used by the scientific community.

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